ethecalTM for consumers

ethecalTM is the easy way to get on top of and manage your finances

The ethecalTM app is the gateway to all the ethecal features

Setting up is painless with our easy to follow guides

We will walk you through identifying your income and your bills

Have your income automatically deposited into your ethecal wallet

Set up your ethecal wallets to automate bills payment and add rules to put money aside

See at a glance your wallet balances, your payment schedules and shortfalls

Apply for a loan and get approval in hours, not days

An ethecalTM wallet is automatically setup to ensure laon payment

See low cost services available to you right from the ethecalTM app

For each service provided, we will only display what you can reasonably afford to pay

Educational and savings tools to help you understand how to better manage your finances

Earn ethecalTM points for staying on top of payments. The more on top of your payments, the more points available to turn into rewards.